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Call for art depicting COVID mental health challenges

Arts Gateway MK is inviting submissions of art that depict the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health.

.Submissions will appear in Arts Gateway’s Changed World Art Zone – a virtual exhibition of art inspired by the pandemic.

The exhibition welcomes art from both amateur and professional artists, including drawings, paintings, film, animation, photography, music, dance and the written/spoken word.

COVID-19 has taken us into uncharted territories in terms of the psychological impact, and experts now say that, a year after the pandemic transformed our lives, many people will  be experiencing a kind of burnout due to prolonged stress.

Catherine Park, creative director of Changed World Art Zone, said:  “It can be difficult to explain mental health difficulties to others who are not experiencing the same thing. During the pandemic, everyone has faced different mental health challenges depending on whether they live alone or with others, the nature of their relationships, their financial and employment situation.

“We believe art can convey people’s experiences at this time powerfully, as well as being therapeutic.”

In addition to works that capture mental health challenges arising from the pandemic, Arts Gateway would also like to see submissions that illustrate how art has helped to protect and improve mental health over this period.

Art will appear on Arts Gateway;s social media channels, and a selection of submissions will be exhibited at a physical exhibition in the future.

Visit the Changed World Art Zone,


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