18-20 Burners Lane, Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes, MK11 3HB info@artsgatewaymk.org.uk 01908 635 903


As a small volunteer-led charity, we are dependent upon a group of active volunteers, who fall into four distinct categories: the Board of Trustees, the AC Management Team, Building Volunteers and Project Volunteers.

The Board is perforce made up of voluntary Trustees and varies between 5 (at present) and 10, recognising the need for a range of skills and perspectives.

The AC Management Team focuses on the premises, but extends to other AGMK business such as CARC (Community Arts Resources Centre). Most of the team receive a small fee as contractors, paid at Living Wage.

Building volunteers are a small group of individuals who give their services towards the substantial building works being undertaken, bring skills, experience and time. These are entirely unpaid.

Project volunteers are ad hoc supporters who engage in particular projects, for example AC at Cornerstone gallery, MK Literary Festival, CARC operations, etc.

Positions that we are actively recruiting for are listed here, but even if you do not see a position available please contact us as we always keen to here from those who wish to offer their support.

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